Mix Tape 1: Side A

[MP3] Mixtape 1 – Side A: Where We Forget Glenn’s Name

Track Listing


1. Marvelous Beauhunks – Don’t Mind Doin’ (What I Just Did)

Tito’s real name is Glenn Goodman, we apologize to all the Glenns, Titos, and Jermaines out there who may have been offended.

What is Mod?

Grab a copy of “Do Not Resuscitate” and ask for the Gold Package for Steven Wright to call you and read the book out loud.  Be sure to tell him Nanobot sent you.

2. Curious Quail – Disappointed Smiles  (Formula for a Generic, Academy-Award Nominated [But Not Winning] Ron Howard Film)

5 things you didn’t know about Bob Ross

“Dudel dudel dudel dudel” = Super Mario Underground Music

Legend of Zelda theme with a full orchestra? Someone beat us to it.

3. False Priest – False Priest

Handshake – Sleeping Snarling

So… probably not proto-grunge, but still pretty great

4. Dear Indugu – Frame Of Gold

“Dear Ndugu, you’ll be glad to know that Jeannie’s wedding came off without a hitch.” [Spoiler? Nah, the movie is 12 years old – if you don’t want the plot ruined, you should have seen it already]

Quick history lesson: Clay, Greg & Kevin all worked at the same company in Denver, CO until it became financially insolvent.  They then decided to keep the party going with a music blog.  Greg had to be a jerk and leave for Boise, ID (sure, Clay spent 2 years in Austin, TX and then came back, but still).

5. The Grizzled Mighty – Wallflower

A little more info on Treefort Music Festival

And a little of The Grizzled Mighty live for you, as well.

6. Picture Atlantic – White Knight

How chaotic is “Twist?” Quite.

7. Lunar Pilots – High As The Stars

Learn more about Greg’s favorite defunct British band: UnAmerican

Yeah… that’s not what Clay meant when he said “whalloper…” Maybe “whopper” would have been better?

8. Slowdim – Uh Oh

Hey, Rationales and Autumn Hollow are from Boston, too!

Clear Channel is way too big, and has been for a while.


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