59 thoughts on “VOTE: Best Discovery Of 2012

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  2. Blue Gillespie – a reeling monster of talent. Whether they’re nanobots best discovery of 2012 or not, they are most definitely mine.

  3. Ben Draiman has one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard. He deserves to win:)

  4. Definitely Blue Gillespie….

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the boys this year, as well as seeing them live.

    Seven Rages of Man is one of the best albums I’ve heard, it flows so seamlessly, and that transfers over into the live performance.

    Do yourself a favour and check them out!

  5. Blue Gillespie is my very best discovery in 2012, if fact that’s the year I discovered them personally. Their music is something more than guitars, bass, drums and general noise. The music this Welsh ban from Newport makes is poetry and sound up there with the best Metal bands. The energy and the vibe of a life prefromance they evoke is something that could be felt only on a Blue Gillespie show.

  6. Definitely Blue Gillespie…even if you’re already familiar with their unequalled talent, they’re well worth discovery all over again…and introduce your best friends to.

  7. i know and love the guys who make up milkdrive! they are all awesome musicians!

  8. The Everyday Losers have my vote! Be sure to check them out; I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  9. I have seen Honey and the 45’s a few times now. Their sound is so unique! I love them! They are not a :cookie-cutter” band by no means. Best group I’ve heard in a long time!

  10. Blue Gillespie are formidable, the transition from recording in the studio to playing a live gig is seamless, a new genre in the world of Prog.

  11. I came across Marc and his band of merry men purely by accident at the Living Room in NYC. While I was there to see two other bands perform before them, & had never heard of Marc & his posse, I quickly became a believer. As soon as the guys arrived to set up, I knew I’d be in for something special, as the club immediately filled up, and there wasn’t a seat to be had. I wondered who was this guy, and why hadn’t I heard of him? From the opening notes of his set, with Marc on acoustic guitar & harmonica, I was blown away. This was a guy who clearly had a vision, & meant to make his mark on the music biz. Accompanied by drums, mandolin, accordian,& upright bass, the band blew the roof off the Living Room, with music from a concept album that screams to heard. Marc Berger & “Ride” are my discovery of 2012…give them a listen, & you’ll be a believer, too.

  12. I searched for Cobalt Blue because of the comments, and had to agree. More talented than most bands I’ve seen by far! The world needs to hear from them. Anywhere I can buy your album?

  13. The bad joke that ended well changed my life. I used to be a shoeshiner on the backstreets of Stafford but now I’m the one wearing shoes.

  14. Barley Station has such a unique talent for creating music enjoyable to hear. By not sounding like every other band that is flooding the market, they are a refreshing alternative for my preferences. I nominate Barley Station for their musical & lyrical talent. Thank you!