What are we doing posting news about a comic book release?  Well, when it comes from the titans of industry, Chemistry Club – what with their amazing live sets, addictive pop, and video games – why wouldn’t we?

On the heels of top 10 discovery EP, Copia v. 1: The Electric Hush, the Denver band has released an accompaniment to their sci-fi concept album.  Drawn by Patch Silver and written by the quartet of Jeff Wiencrot, Dylan Camacho, Micah Daby, and Jake Euler, the comic breathes life into a five song EP already chock-full of emotion.


The first issue tells the story of 11 year-old doe-eyed Avery Kipling as he is separated from his colony dwelling family and enters a facility that is a cross between Ender’s Game, Shawshank Redemption, and Dune.  Kipling tries to battle fitting into the teenage hierarchy as well as facility staff and guards who want him to forget his family and conform to their lock-step system.

Patch Silver’s borderline anime style feels like early 2000s Humberto Ramos and captures the childlike wonderment and fear that Kipling feels in the alien and prison-like environment he feels himself thrust into.  He also draws Easter eggs abound from the Electric Hush EP into the scenery.  Though the album is about 6-8 pages short of a standard issue comic, by the time of the big reveal from the last page, I am ready to listen to the album again.

Chemistry Club is promoting the release of the comic book with a live show at the Summit Music Hall Friday night, March 13th with Vices I Admire, Instant Empire, Amzy, and Red Fox Run.  We would love to see how Avery Kipling’s story ends, so please show your support for this amazing band and their latest artistic endeavor.  Tickets are available through Soda Jerk Presents.  Until then, get lost in some of the best electro-pop we heard in 2014.