“I’ve already been to Treefort Music Fest, I don’t need to go again” – Nobody, ever.

Long after the final chords have been played and the last fans made their way home, the sounds and vibes of Treefort Music Fest 2024 remain strong in the hearts and bodies of those who made their way to the annual music festival in Boise, Idaho.

The twelfth incarnation of the, now legendary, cultural experience brought fans and artists from around the world to the multi-venue, five-day festival. From those venturing out to their first Treefort, to those who have experienced it eleven or twelve times, the general consensus was all smiles.

This year’s Treefort Music Fest felt different than in year’s past. Over 400 artists across over 40 venues mixed among the likes of Hack Fort, Ale Fort, Yoga Fort, Kid Fort and others brought their magic as the five-day festival coursed through the veins of Idaho’s capital city. The size and production of the festival has departed the once pieced-together, indie atmosphere. The days of quilting together small venues packed with local and regional artists has been replaced with a production value comparable to those of other big-name, nationally known festivals; at least in structure. Décor around the city and in the parks (up in the trees) brought about an immersive experience even while you were moving between venues, through the crowds. All things considered, as the festival spread into every inch of its existence, Treefort Music Fest lost absolutely no part of its soul in the process.

The growth and elaborate setups that made Treefort Twelve did so while still feeling immensely Treefort Music Festival. From small children and their families enjoying the festival (free areas and stages alike) to intimate coffee shop performances the heart and soul of Treefort music festival remains in the art and the people who love it. The art, at the core, is still about what kickstarted the festival all those years ago with the schedule packed with local and regional artists.

For us, the music experiences came in a wide swath of genres. Whether it was McKenna Esteb rocking out in the sunshine, Dawes & Lucius bringing the crowd together as one, Buddy Crime crafting an unforgettable electronic/throwback set, Blood Lemon demonstrating their tour de force, The Whips bringing Kansas to Boise, Prism B!tch bleeding rock unto the packed crowd, Channel Tres captivating the Main Stage, The Schiophonics melting the faces of all in attendance, Michaela Slinger keeping the crowd warm in the rain, Cimafunk infecting your bones with their beat, Dakha Brakha pouring their culture over a captivated audience, or Dehd lifting everyone up on day five, to name just a few, the experience of the blended sounds made for yet another unforgettable Treefort experience. Plainly put, Treefort recharges the musical soul.

There is no mistaking the production value leap Treefort Music Fest made in 2024. Gone are the days of music lovers putting together a niche festival for likeminded individuals. Treefort Music Fest has stepped into the beast it was always going to become. However, this beast is, at its heart, has not deviated in spirit and drive. It is a passion from everyone involved to bring art, music and experience to their hometown and region. There is absolutely nothing indicating this will ever change. Because of this, Treefort Music Fest is the festival upon which all other music festivals will and should be judged.

See you at Treefort 13 in 2025.