In downtownSpokane, where Post comes to an end at Main, there is electricity emanating that has brought the life back to the dismal heart of downtown.

Standing between the shadows of the largest buildings in town, in front of River Park Square, music finds life in the sunlight.

A young man plugs his amp into his battery pack, opens his case, attaches his effects pedal then eases his bow across the strings. The melodies that follow begin to garner the attention of passers-by. Soon a crowd has grown and people stand around in awe of the musicianship that is emanating from our Inland Northwest city. Looking up at the buildings surrounding the intersection, people have come to the windows to get a glimpse of a sound rarely heard on the streets.

When I caught up with this musician, what I learned has surprised and intrigued me.

Leaving Anchorage, Alaska in a Cadillac, the 20 year old headed south with a dream and an electric violin. With an instrument picked up, for the first time in 2003, out of intrigue driven by a girl, he was determined to learn; even with no formal training. Inspired by those who motivate him, Bryson candidly opened up about how he’s driven by “those who treat me well, those that piss me off, and those who come to watch me.” Talent such as his is a treat for music fans everywhere. Playing original tunes and renditions of today’s radio hits, such as Train and Lady GaGa, his abilities transcend simple street performer. His passion for his music is evident in his enthusiasm and body movements. Your appreciation will be seen in the way he moves yours. Moving to the music he layers his songs in beats made by tapping the strings and rhythm by plucking.

Bryson’s ability to captivate and entertain those fortunate enough to experience the performance is done without glam or political motive.Spokane is fortunate to be a stop on the journey for someone such as this. Luckily he’ll be here until the first snow fall, and then he’s headed toL.A.

If you’re in the area, stop by and show your support for the mohawk, aviator wearing violinist. He is selling CDs for $10 which includes 15 tracks, seven of which are all original. His approachable personality and eagerness to say thanks gives us a unique opportunity that will have you one day saying “I met him.” Finding self motivation most strive to achieve but never attain, only the remaining 1,205 miles stands between Bryson and absolute success.