Click for more from The Voice ProjectThere is a power in this world that knows no borders. It knows no one language. It does not segregate. It has seen entire empires and civilizations come and go, but it stands unwavering in the face of time.

Music is the most powerful tool imaginable. It speaks on a level which nothing else can compare. It adds an intimate voice to break ups, endless summer nights, deaths, birthdays, even war.

Over the last three years The Voice Project, a non-profit group aimed at promoting human rights and positive social change, has compiled the “Cover Chain” video series. For the first time ever, after over 100 videos have been made, The Voice Project is releasing Home Recordings, Vol. 1.

The entire compilation is reminiscent of Paul Simon’s Graceland; not in the immediately self-satisfying sense of simply artist bridging international gaps to create a sound, but in the true essence of artist camaraderie and musical power. Home Recordings, Vol. 1 is not some new version of We Are The World, but is a celebration of the power of music through truly heartfelt contributions.

Tracks spanning decades are reimagined, voices that have never seen a LA studio meet Peter Gabriel and a call into the void by loving family members is heard. The eighteen track mix masters a range of recreations. From the deep B-Side R.E.M. “Swan Swan H,” finely done by American folk extraordinaire Joe Purdy, to Tom Freund giving his soulful, passionate take on Brett Dennen’s “There Is So Much More” to The Milk Carton Kids taking a stroll down Cary Brothers’ “Ghost Town” to Joseph Arthur, covering Mr. Gabriel himself, adding a deeply dark and purposeful version of “Shock The Monkey.”  Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros lend their fantastic track “Home”  as they reach an all new level when the beauty of The Gulu Widows Choir joins in, chanting, so genuinely “Ahh, Home/Let me come Home/Home is wherever I’m with you.”

The entire album embodies a not-hard-to-understand concept of love and good will.  It is founded on the hope of bringing home boys who forced to be men by guns being thrust into their hands and ending the power of those who will shed blood for their own egos. It bleeds with the simple message that, despite what you have done, it is ok to go home; you can and will be forgiven. The proceeds from the eighteen track album will be used “to support The Voice Project’s Amplify Peace efforts to work with local FM radio broadcasters to transmit “Come Home” songs and messages of peace and reconciliation in the current combat zones such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan.”

We have a choice. The power of music is in all of us to some capacity, we can use this power for good. If for nothing else, there are eighteen great tracks. But we have the opportunity to overrule despots and tyrants with the power of music. What happens when you simply turn on your radio everyday can change lives and the course of history. Now is the time to prove what music is all about. Here’s how you can help or buy it here