Pink Floyd

By Greg

In a recent opinion piece on the site for the magazine that doesn’t ever plug Bloodhound Gang, Brandon Soderberg boldly proclaimed “Kanye West Has Become Our Pink Floyd, Just Admit It.”

The only thing that could be considered wrong with this statement is, well, everything. What it does is shed light on the very real position modern music powerhouses see themselves in.

Such publications and most artists they so shamelessly tout are the epitome of the decline of our modern musical era. Some may say it is the digitalization of music and the ease at which it can be stolen that plagues the music industry, but they would be wrong. The Kanyes, Will.I.Ams, Taylor Swifts, Billboards and sadly Rolling Stones of the world have taken honest-to-god good intentions and destroyed them.

While it sounds like I am digressing, I am not. You see this mentality of blowing smoke up the skirts of mediocrity is what stifles the progression of music. The so-called “talents” of pretty much anyone who is given a Grammy or Billboard Music Award actually live more in the producers at the mixing board than they do the faces we see. The prevalence of Auto-Tune and over production is playing a trick on those who don’t care to look any further. Like the Man Behind the Curtain, modern “mega-stars” get all the credit while the producers drive what the radio plays.

Sure, Beiber, Swift, Kanye (maybe) and the like can all sing better than me, but I am not a musician, I am a fan of music. Somewhere along the way, people like me were pushed to the recesses of the musical world and journalist majors who couldn’t cover Michele Bachmann’s lunch order were given the music desk.

And this is where we find Mr. Soderberg and his sensationalist reporting. If he, and the powers that sign his paycheck, would sit down and listen to a Pink Floyd song they would soon realize that Gilmour, Wright, Mason, Waters and even Barrett produced one of the most consistently timeless sounds music has ever seen. Aside from their early albums, Floyd fits perfectly into any and all decades equally.  I don’t recall a moment where Mr. Gilmour jumped on stage to rant about some injustice over an award. Even in Mr. Waters’ most tangent moments, he didn’t compare to the overrated, under-talented musician (I use that term loosely) that is Kanye West.

Simply broadcasting your face in a “truly terrifying for a few minutes” moment, does not make you Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd was elegant and deep; thought provoking and bold. Kanye West is a child crying for attention. If you believe this is a relevant moment to make an entirely inaccurate statement, then I suggest you put on your big boy pants and go work at a major news network. I’m sure they would love your off-the-mark associations and sensationalism. Real music has no place for such comments and frankly the name of Pink Floyd is marred by such a remark. Kanye is as far from Pink Floyd as I am to sitting down and having lunch with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.