Honey & the 45s

The Windy City is alive with a plethora of great music coming to life in what could easily be disregarded as old venues and worn out stages. Well guess what, they aren’t old and certainly not worn out, they’re seasoned. And as of late, they are being graced by some of the best blues, funk and jazz you can find.

One such band gracing the legendary music scene is Honey & the 45s. We’ve explained what made their album “The Need” so great, but now there is a unique opportunity to be part of what will one day be, undoubtedly, looked back on as a stepping stone for a great band and possibly a turning point for an iconic music scene.

You can help them make their next record.

With the modest goal of $7,800 they have initiated a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for their recording, mixing and mastering. There are tons of great rewards for contributing to one of our most anticipated upcoming releases but there is an even better prize for knowing you helped shape a piece of Chicago history.

Seriously, this female-fronted group is already award-winning; the future is wide open for them.

Let’s make an album!

Here are the details.