Note: We recorded this episode several days before Brian May was hospitalized for a heart attack. We are relieved to hear that he is recovering and doing well.

This week: Greg and Clay discuss their first concerts, which bands are destined for the county fair, County Fair Force, B-Movies, and more.

This weeks tracks:

Josie Cotton – “Female Troubles” (Invasion Of the B-Girls out now)

Devon Williams – “A Tear in the Fabric” (A Tear in the Fabric out now)

Chelsea Williams – “Wasted” (Beautiful and Strange out now, and you can see Chelsea Williams perform live on Quarantine Tuesdays on Facebook)

Louis XIV – “Playtime” out now

love-sadKID – “Hopscotch” (Growth out now)

MixTape Playlist on Spotify – Hear all the songs!

Glastonbury Music Festival

Let’s Go to Hell: Scattered Memories of the Butthole Surfers