This week, we discuss Steve Guttenberg a lot, Shark Week within the month of August, the science of Beaver Nuggets, ask “what ifs” and dive into these great songs:

Phosphene – Spiral

We love how the sound from Phosphene continues to evolve. On Spiral, the sound is scaled back, less becomes more and continues beautiful transitions. Rachel Frankel’s vocals dance in a shroud of continuous movement that creates the haze of the sound of the song while the drums act as mile markers through the fog. This song sets up an audio escape for this week’s mix tape. The album Lotus Eaters is out now.

Photo Ops – Play On

“Play On” embodies the ideal of the American Road Trip. From the moment you press play, you are transported on a journey to the American West. The shuffling snare, plucking guitar, and Price’s airy vocals create beautiful imagery and becomes our “go” song. This song achieves the sound of America by stripping things down, simplifying things and bleeds honesty. Pure At Heart is out September 18th.

Psychic Temple – Why Should I Wait?

Ambitious is an understatement for Chris Schlarb’s partnering with The Dream Syndicate. While having a jam band vibe, this track is incredibly precise; the chunky guitars and wailing solo create a sound we go back to over and over. Houses of the Holy is out September 25th.

Fake Shark – Bad Chemistry

This is our guilty pleasure song; it makes you feel like a bada$$ while this plays in your headphones. It has manic energy and a great purpose to it with a sneering posture. The hooks in this track sink into you so smoothly that you become drawn to the vibes. House of Mirrors is out now.

Monograms – How To Sleep With Your Eyes Open

We got a little hung up on the term “Nuke Wave,” but Monograms has released a very compelling track. This song is drifting electronic fuzz assembling a dance of distorted ambiance and distant vocals that mold into this sound that is both chaotic and oddly welcoming. The retro synth and vocals make an audio moving target that is fascinating. Only A Ceiling Can Stay Inside Forever is out now.