Scrolling through any of the streaming services of late you’re bound to find a plethora of films and shows revolving around the end of the world in some fashion or another. While these tend to lean toward the doom-and-gloom of human existence (as short as they may portray it), with heaping doses of political cynicism, what if there was a way to experience the maze of faux finality in an uplifting, if not inspiring sense?

Singer/multi-instrumentalist Dale Hiscock, calls Idaho home and his musical vision Endless Atlas. The Treefort Music Fest regular self-identifies as “dream pop for the end of the world.” It is this idea that has led Endless Atlas to finely craft the confident escape that is the latest release Everything You Know Will Go Away.

The eleven-track astral construction from Endless Atlas carries a heavy weight when grounded, yet light as a feather when given the space to expand. Hiscock has developed on an introspective lyrical presence delicately tethered by a thread to a sense of self-identity while allowing itself to float amongst a vast, vibrant instrumental backing. The dream pop, urban digital dystopian styling harnesses an ambient void crafted from keys and loops, engineering an expansive jungle of pleasurably navigable structures. As formidable as that may sound, Everything You Know Will Go Away embodies a delicate touch in execution that gently lifts you out of the muck and the mire we tread every day. As found in opener “Afterglow” or “Somewhere Else,” as you listen to the album, you’ll feel as though you’re suddenly floating a few feet off the ground, skipping over the jutting cracks in the landscape below.

Endless Atlas borrows from artists before him, not as a means of capturing lightning in a bottle, but as a way to identify sonic roads relatively untraveled by the masses. Everything You Know Will Go Away captures this by bridging the human element with technology, exploring, as Hiscock puts it “the meaning of living life against the backdrop of a world unravelling – dream pop for the end of the world.” As the namesake would imply, everything we know will, eventually, go away. So why not enjoy the trip, guided by Endless Atlas.