Let’s Make An Album! – Phosphene’s Debut LP


Well, not necessarily make the album, Phosphene has already recorded their debut album at Tiny Telephone Recording (Spoon, Death Cab For Cutie, Explosions In the Sky and other awesome bands).   It’s more: “Let’s Produce, Master and Package  an Album!” That’s making an album, right? Maybe they can explain it better…

We’ve praised the previous releases of the San Francisco indie-pop/grunge/California surf-rock band, whether it be an EP or new demos and we are curious what a full-length LP holds in store for us.  They ponied up the cash for studio time and are now asking for some help from the community at large on Indiegogo to fund releasing those recordings.  They are asking for an incredibly modest $600 to finish up their album and are already halfway there.  Help bring them home; the world could use more Phosphene.