My feelings on Waterbodies is a long and complicated road, which is strange considering I just discovered them today.  First, they lured me in with a line from the revered movie “Home Alone,” which they used as inspiration for their single “What the French Call ‘Les Incompétents.'”  They’re from Toronto; I think that’s a plus…  Then they lost me by listing Pizza Hut and Domino’s as co-influences.  I decided to give the single a spin anyway, and ohmigod, the indie rock years of 1996-2006 just open-hand slapped me across the jaw.  So I had to listen to the single a few more times.  Yep, still sounds solid.  So I had to go listen to their first album, and now I’m a fan.

They are self-deprecating which is a plus, but again: they listed Pizza Hut and Domino’s as influences.

Maybe I’ll get over it some day – until then, I’m going to go rock some more.