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We’ve been witness to the growth of Oklahoma rockers Lord North over the last year and we’d be lying if we said they weren’t a band to put on your Must Watch list.

Recently Lord North front-man Joey Todd took time out to embrace a solo project. Though the sound is vastly different than the surface impression Lord North leaves, his work is blissfully artistic and undoubtedly moving.

The very notion of sellout has no place near Joey Todd and his solo sound. He expands his horizons by slowing the pace and reaching deep down to play with sincerity.  The single “Speak My Name” lingers on its acoustic resonance and rings out in a Gavin Rossdale fashion.  The only difference between Todd and all the other musicians who venture down this road, aside from him being just 22, is that there isn’t an ounce of imitation to his sound.  He is 100% authentic.

“Speak My Name” is proof positive that Joey Todd was born to do one thing and do it well; be a musician.