Now we’re not going to go as far as saying we may be witness to a rebirth of a style, or even a new revolution of sound here, after all this is one song, but knowing what we know about the musical passion, the talent, and the influence of one of the gents here we can say this is not only worth listening to, but it is also worth keeping an eye on.

Ross Thomas and Joey Todd took on the moniker Magnolia Boys and have released “Let You Go.” The track emanates an old style of music that seems to be seriously lacking in today’s world; at least aside from being disregarded quickly as country and lumped into a category with a bunch of crap music. No, this is a song that is bold in its endeavor, with catchy plucking and stellar harp, and rich in hooks. It is a track that best explains itself: “It’s hard to express/my emotions/but I know/as time goes on/it gets easier to show”

Here is Magnolia Boys’ “Let You Go”