Danny Blaqk & The Galaxy

Just hours removed from tryptophan induced slumbers, bodies of all walks began to fill Boise’s Neurolux. Slated to be an unpredictable evening, Danny Blaqk & The Galaxy are poised to perform live for the first time. It is the release of Danny Blaqk’s year-long endeavor, Greatest Hits Vol. 1.

The general buzz among the crowd is a mix of those familiar with opening bands The Lost Men and Lakoda and then there is the seemingly social experiment-esc collection of intellects, fans of rock, a few who recall The Blaqks, and simply those who caught wind of local live music on a Saturday night; and that one shirtless dude who would be ousted by staff quite promptly. Stay warm buddy.

While the numbers are elusive to me, the undoubtedly sold out evening began with two-piece The Lost Men who brought a stripped down acoustic presence to stage with a raw yet purposeful, drawing sound. The crowd was drawn in immediately, and refused to let go until the night came to a close.

Those sitting came to their feet as another Boise band, quickly making a name for themselves in their own right, took center stage. Lakoda’s mix of Cage The Elephant-meets-early-Red Hot Chili Peppers-meets-unadulterated rock was an instant attention grab. The concussive wall of sound/heart pounding presence of Lakoda could only be surpassed that night by the headliner.

The empty stage receives a blast of fog. Human metronome and First Chair drummer Rase Littlefield appears behind the kit. Suddenly “The Serpent Tooth Man” begins to take shape. As the audience is clapping in time, Hawk (of many a Boise music fame) takes stage and strikes up the keys. Across stage from him Darcy Erickson (Pause For The Cause) picks up her bass and brings depth to the build. Dylan Cline, Boise’s best looking guitar player and Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles contributor takes stage opposite of, arguably the best live guitar player not signed to a major label, Zack Quintana. But what would it be without the man of the hour, Danny Blaqk himself.

With a swagger dripping of sex appeal, Blaqk takes center stage and propels what is the closest thing to a Boise supergroup one can find.

The new sound system at the Neurolux fought to withhold the power and presence of Danny Blaqk and the Galaxy’s explosive sound. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 songs played one after the other, mixed with classic Blaqks’ tracks “The Wormhole Express,” “Opiated,” and “1972,” as well as a surprise appearance by Treasure Valley hip-hop artist Zero, drew the crowd in shoulder to shoulder. Surveying one’s surroundings at any given moment was sure to find all eyes transfixed upon the stage in a mesmerized gaze. The evening would become a transcending live experience that put Danny Blaqk in the driver seat with the crowd eating out of his hand. It wouldn’t be surprising if this is the show that all in attendance use as a litmus test against which all shows in the near future are compared.

Rock was funneled through six of some of the most talented musicians Boise has to offer for one unforgettable evening. Beyond this one show, the future is uncertain. If you missed it, that’s on you. And while we can only look to the musical deities in hopes Danny Blaqk & The Galaxy will appear again, if only for one more show, the remarkable evening on a cold November Saturday will surely live on in the vein of legends.