Treefort 2018, the seventh incarnation of the music festival in downtown Boise, Idaho has come to an end and at closing there are, quite frankly, a few things that need to be said.

Treefort Music Fest is a five-day event that encapsulates the best of independent art, respectable rhetoric, and industry pioneering ideas, as well as crafts, culinary, clothing, and beverage options that stir creativity. Yet through this idea of cultural immersion, built upon a foundation of music, this festival sets itself apart from the rest in humanity. From fans to the artists themselves Treefort Music Fest is an all-inclusive coming together of virtually every possible walk of life you can imagine.

Certain performances will live on in memory for a very long time. Kid Dakota played to a captivated crowed at the Neurolux. Edison mesmerized Tom Grainey’s. Andrew W K heated up the late night air. The Hoot Hoots nearly burst the Olympic at its seams. Olivia Jean shook the Basque Center. Illest*Lyricists heated up the SpaceBar. SISTERS hypnotized Hannah’s. George Clinton preached funk to a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd at Main Stage. Field Medic weaved his folk styling amongst friends at Linen Building. These are just a few of the stunning memories forged in the fire of Treefort.

Amongst the cacophony of conversations had while crowds hustled, weaving in and out of venues for the next artist on their list there was a resounding attitude present in the pouring rains early in the festival, through the snow of the last day, Treefort Music Fest is special.

The sentiment, through tired legs, sore backs, and generally exhausted bodies, all overshadowed by the sheer fun of the festival, was one of comradery and bliss. To attend Treefort is to sign up for a grueling experience (if you intend to partake in as much as you can) that will leave you with a natural high that is only rivaled by the experience. Aches and pains wash away in the colorful assemblies that pour out from that stages as you stand amongst people you’ve never met that are just like you in many ways and so different in many others.

As Treefort came to a close, amongst the still bustling bodies vying for every last drop of this experience the resounding mantra was one of pure, unadulterated joy. Even with musicians themselves chiming in that this is “the greatest music festival in the country.”

The Festival was not without it’s hiccups. Artists cancelling at the last minute (at least one due to a visa-related issue), lines circling the block, unpredictable weather, and a power outage caused some uncertainty for those who so devoutly leaned on their plans. Yet the safety and comfort of those in attendance were never in doubt.

Treefort Music Fest is an all-inclusive event that cultivates art in a respectful, safe environment where all are welcome to enjoy. After seven years and an equal track record, the nation, the world, need take notice that, and we’re inclined to agree, this is the greatest music festival in the country.