With the initial round of artists being announced over a month ago, including some fresh faces and some fort-going favorites, we’ve been long pondering the inclusion, nay, relevance of the indie trailblazing Liz Phair. So we did what any great Treeforter would do. We sat down and debated the longevity of Phair, specifically Exile in Guyville. To set the record straight, yeah, that album still holds its own. So join us in putting the “why” to bed and lets get excited about the rest of the bands!

Dropping the second round of artists now includes almost twice as many as the first announcement. At over 220 artists now, with surely a couple hundred more to come, we’re getting some amazing names of both intro-to-indie and beyond. Bands from all over the country will show up in Boise, Idaho at the end of March to perform a range of sounds from acoustic, to hip hop, to the heavy, to the strange, and enthusiastically, everything in between. Very little sets off your musical year like walking around the beautiful city of trees and taking a chance on a band.

March 20 – 24, 2019 is shaping up to be a contender in the inevitable conversation of “which Treefort Music Fest has been the best?” Whether you’re a seasoned Treefort beanie wearing, Treefort tincup toting Yogafort, Hackfort, Filmfort, Foodfort pro or you’re wanting to see what has become the greatest indie music festival you can find for the first time, all are welcome at Treefort Music Festival and 2019 is sure to craft memories and new artistic discoveries you’ll be talking about for years to come!

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