Nine years in, a few thousand performances, and even more memories, Treefort Music Fest is truly a festival for the fans.

With more experiences, art, food, and musical discovery than we could possibly put into words here, we, like many, have come to understand the festival experience is more than a few bands, it is a culture and Treefort Music Fest is the best music fest you can find, hands down.

Feeling the rippling effect of people who are offended by cloth masks covering their newly glittered lips, Treefort Music Fest was forced to make the decision no one would want, we’d have to wait until 2021 to dive headfirst into the best of independent music experience in one place. Drying our eyes, there is hope, Treefort Music Fest has also recently announced a change of direction for the beloved festival.

Treefort Music Fest is going crowdfund. Now, hear them out, this isn’t a “donate $600 and get a sticker” scenario. No, the concept of their take on crowdfunding gives fans of Treefort, fans of art, and fans of music an opportunity to become a Treefort Community Owner, Guardian of the Fort, and to bask in, as they put it, “eternal glory” of the festival all while ensuring the future of the Fort at the same time. It’s win-win (where secretly you’ll reap all the benefits).

On July 31, 2020, Treefort Music Fest opens the portal to making the best festival for fans made by the fans. Considering the sheer number of artists, experiences, and memories that can be found at even one day of Treefort, joining the community investment pales in price for what you get in reward.

Nanobot Rock will be joining Invest in the Fest and we hope you will too.

Additional information here

See you at Treefort!