Tucked comfortably under the treelined canopy of the Idaho Botanical Gardens, Boise, Idaho’s Duck Club Live on the Lawn kicked off the 2022 series with a cerebrally compelling quartet of acts, headlined by vivid sounds of Aldous Harding.

With Child, Wend, and H Hawkline took the stage to a sizable crowd spread out on lawn chairs and blankets as the evening developed. The opening artists wove their webs of style, including harp-centric Wend and the reel-to-reel analog backing of H Hawkline.

Fittingly anchored by a simple backdrop on a stage framed against the towering stone of the Old Idaho Penitentiary just off in the distance, the organic artistic expression of Aldous Harding paired beautifully with and within the setting.

Aldous Harding’s performance at Live on the Lawn was a mesmerizing, gently syncopated experience established by minimal, playing to the empty, but shattering complacency with well-placed peaks of dynamic stylings. It was a performance that was equally “off the beaten path” and sensibly warming. Remarks of association to an indie-folk New Zealand version Björk were heard. At one moment within the performance, if you could break from the hypnotic stage presence of Harding and look around, you’d see each and every individual in the crowd was silently fixated on her. Aldous Harding’s performance was a demonstration into the complexly sheer artistic expression she exudes that has you lingering on every moment. Time does not exist at an Aldous Harding performance. With an intensely captivating presence, Harding melted the day away with her modern folk styling and an immensely memorable set, for whatever each attendee took away from it individually.

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