A Nanobot is a force that, if put together with enough Nanobots, can change everything. A Nanobot is commonly referred to as “the little guy”.  Well guess what, we are enough “little guys” to change music!

We support Local and Independent Music! We Are Nanobots!

Of the 117 albums we discovered here at Nanobot Rock Reviews in 2012, we asked you to select what you believed was the best.

Here are the top 25 discoveries of 2012 as selected by YOU:

25. Gumshen: Everything What We Recorded

24. Dead Fingers: Dead Fingers

23. Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats: A Little Something Stronger Than Wine

22. Tidelands: We’ve Got A Map

21. The Bombay Royale: You Me Bullets Love

20. Glim Dropper: The Last Days Of Analog

19. Russell Howard: City Heart

18. Lord North: Naked EP

17. Lilygun: Lilygun

16. Starcar Sunday: Starcar Sunday

15. Time & Energy: Strange Kind of Focus

14. Ben Draiman: The Past is Not Far Behind

13. Item 9 & The Mad Hatters: Old Style

12. 20 Foot Forehead: Static the Airwaves

11. Honey & the 45s: The Need

10. Trichome: Trichome EP

9. BeeTunes: BGO

8. Mystery Ship: EP

7. Skinny Lister: Forge & Flagon

6. Jerad Finck: Stuck In Your Riddle

5. MilkDrive: Waves

4. The Everyday Losers: Social Paradise

3. Marc Berger: Ride

2. Blue Gillespie: Seven Rages of Man

1. Cobalt Blue: Still a Natural Condition

Thank you very much to all those who voted! We can’t wait to see what we discover in 2013!