Discoveries of 2012Thanks for voting on Best Discovery of 2012!

Here is what we discovered in 2012. Why not pick a few? You might just find something great…We did!

20 Foot Forehead: Static the Airwaves

Aged Teen: This is Not an Exit
Alpine Those Myriads: Psyche
American Bloomers: Part One
Analog Players Society: Hurricane Season in Brooklyn
And the Giraffe: Something for Someone
Anna Cate: Anna Cate
Attaloss: Attaloss
Barley Station: After All
BeeTunes: BGO
Ben Draiman: The Past is Not Far Behind
Big Bang: Diez Tragos
Big Sir: Before Gardens After Gardens
Bill O’Sullivan: Phillip’s Head
Blaggards: Standards
Blue Gillespie: Seven Rages of Man
Brendan James: Hope in Transition
Castling Queen’s Side: CINEMA
Chrissy Murderbot: Friendship
Churchill: The Change EP
Citizens!: Here We Are
Clover Creek: Sanctity of Song
Cobalt Blue: Still a Natural Condition
Coeus the Boxing Titan: Insomniatic Myth
Coeus The Boxing Titan: The Boxing Titan Spawns
Crypts: Crypts
Cuddle Magic: Info Nympho
Daniel Pearson: Mercury State
David Lindstrom: In the Arms of Some Wingless Miracle
Dead Cells: Tear Down The Heavens
Dead Fingers: Dead Fingers
Decoded: The Split
Deerhoof: Breakup Song
Denny Brown: Fourth of July EP
E.D. Sedgwick: We Wear White
Emmett Tinley: Emmett Tinley
Empresarios: El Sonido Mágico
Fab Claxton: Spazzamatazz
Fairbanks: Eat This Record
Fencewalker: Mourning the Whale
Fish Rike Project: Lung Capacity EP
Fox and The Law: Scarlet Fever
Freelance Whales: Diluvia
Glim Dropper: The Last Days Of Analog
Gumshen: Everything What We Recorded
Handshake: Sleeping, Snarling
HighTIME: Ishi Prende
Hollis Brown: Nothing & The Famous No One
Honey & the 45s: The Need
Howlin Rain: The Russians Wild
Ian James: Grand Delusions
Imagine Dragons: Night Visions
Item 9 & The Mad Hatters: Old Style
Jerad Finck: Stuck In Your Riddle
Jim Clements: The Road To Anhedonia
Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats: A Little Something Stronger Than Wine
Kenny Andrews: New Creature
Lilygun: Lilygun
Lord North: Naked EP
Marc Berger: Ride
Maybeshewill: I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone
MilkDrive: Waves
Mojo Waves: Enjoy, Don’t Destroy
Monks of Mellonwah: Neurogenesis EP
Mr. Kind: OK
My Great Ghost: My Great Ghost EP
Mystery Ship: EP
Mythical Motors: Full Breathing Costume
Needle: Saint Timothy’s
No Blitz: Never Satisfied
of Montreal: Daughter of Cloud
of Montreal: Paralytic Stalks
One Finger Riot: Fly By Life
Owl Paws: Carry On
Owl Paws: Owl Paws
Paul Woolford (Extrawelt Remixes)
Picture Atlantic: Digital Tension
Portales: Luminosidad
Provider: Wasteland
Redgrave: National Act
Rin Tin Tiger: Toxic Pocketbook
Rival Sons: Head Down
River City Tanlines: Coast to Coast
Rolla Olak: Western Heart
Running The Risk: Because We Can
Russell Howard: City Heart
Ryan Humbert: Sometimes The Game Plays You
Savoir Adore: Our Nature
Senseless Beatings: We Will Walk into the Sea
SF1: Inamorata
Skinny Lister: Forge & Flagon
Skyscratchers: Skyscratchers
Spielgusher: Spielgusher
Starcar Sunday: Starcar Sunday
Step Aside: Reaching Out
Taken By Trees: Other Worlds
The Bad Joke That Ended Well: The Bad Joke That Ended Well
The Bombay Royale: You Me Bullets Love
The Everyday Losers: Social Paradise
The Fireflys: Cathedral For Your Ashes
The Habit: Lincoln Has Won
The Higher Concept: Everybody
The Hunting Accident: Trees and Parks
The Jim Jones Revue: The Savage Heart
The Mad Caps: The Mad Caps
The Mountain Goats: Transcendental Youth
The Perfect Band: Subconscious
The Static Sea: Third Parties
The Temper Trap: The Temper Trap
The View: Cheeky For A Reason
Through the Sparks: Alamalibu
Tidelands: We’ve Got A Map
Time & Energy: Strange Kind of Focus
Trichome: Trichome EP
V-Device: Calling Europe