Help Katey Laurel!

It is no surprise that we love driven independent musicians. And it should also come as no surprise that we love Katey Laurel’s art. She is constantly a breath of fresh air on record, a real treat live and is an incredibly wonderful person to meet.

We like to select the occasional Kickstarter campaign we believe is well worth backing and when we heard Katey Laurel just launched one, we couldn’t resist.

Katey is looking to record an eight or nine track record about “faith, hope, love, perseverance and life” and we don’t know if we could find a better artist to deliver just that. She has already started to break ground on a five track EP which would serve as the core to her full length release, but needs a little extra help to get there.

It isn’t a massive goal, but with the help from fans like you, this could happen and we, for one, would love to see it come to life.  If you can help her reach her goal by donating or even simply sharing her project with your friends, you’d help Katey and you’d help independent music.

If you don’t know who Katey is, here are a couple of songs: