The Grizzled Mighty

When it comes to male guitarist/female drummer bands, the inevitable comparison to the White Stripes always comes because, well let’s face it, no one remembers The Captain & Tennille. But that is about as far as one could and should go with the Grizzled Mighty. After all, Whitney Petty could kick Meg White’s ass. And more importantly, her style on the kit proves she is all sorts of badass.

Now, the Seattle based duo are seeking $5000 dollars for lemonade.

That seems legit.

Ok, they’re not really looking to make the most expensive lemonade ever, they’re looking to record a new album and this must happen! If you’ve ever listened to them on album or seen them live, you would agree.

As they so finely point out it takes a lot of money to make the next Bad Company by Bad Company.

Help fuel one of the most dynamic earth shattering bands from Seattle create the next chapter in their already fantastic legacy at!