The Grizzled Mighty

There must have been a serious clerical error at Treefort HQ. The Grizzled Mighty, even though they can own any stage they touch, should have graced the festival’s Main Stage. This is not just the opinion of Nanobot Rock Reviews, but those who were in attendance. Everyone was turning toward the person standing next to them, even though they didn’t know them, and expressing the same disbelief.

As it was, the forty or so people in attendance witnessed a life-altering performance. As the last stop on their 2013 Spring Tour, The Grizzled Mighty (Whitney Petty and Ryan Granger) , walked up to the stage worn out from the hours on the road, but the moment Petty kicked the pedal and Granger went pick-to-string, there was no slowing the duo down.

Including three tracks from their recently released Thick Hand Grip EP, the nine track set-list ripped any and all expectations from their seams. From the sweet licks of “Miles of Cocaine” to the touch of vintage riffs of “Midnight Sun,” The Grizzled Mighty packed Boise’s Neurolux with an unrivaled presence.

Clearly the highlight of the entire festival – so much so, after this show nothing would compare – some present were quick to compare them to The Black Keys and White Stripes live. Though we wanted to grab them by the shoulders and exclaim “No damn you! They aren’t either of those. They’re The Grizzled Mighty,” we were reminded that this kind of association can only help this duo spread and there is nothing we would want more; especially after the power performance we witnessed on the last day of Treefort 2013.