OK Go has done it again. Their ability to captivate internet audience with their treadmill dance in “Here It Goes Again” and their giant Rube Goldberg machine in “This Too Shall Pass” has just been stepped up. As I discovered from Rebecca Greenfield at the Atlantic Wire, the band is offering another round of eye popping and soon-to-be-viral effects.

In their latest video, “All Is Not Lost,” OK Go collaborated with Google to create an HTML 5 interactive video. The video features the band, dancers, a glass surface and some revealing teal suits.

Interactive? Yes. You type in a message at the beginning of the video, and after watching a dazzling display of dancing and 15 windows moving around your computer screen, the dancers spell out your message like so:

Was there really any doubt what I would have plugged in as my “message?” Shameless self-promotion is the best.

You can access the video here and create your own. Note: the video is a Google Chrome experiment and is optimized to work with that browser which you can download here.

Or if you don’t want to download Chrome, aren’t feeling inspired, or have a vested interest in YouTube, you can watch it below.