If you’re from Milwaukee and you have an immense passion for comic books, then you may find yourself asking What should I do with my life? Well, if you’re Nick Woods, you form a punk band and take to the seasoned world of punk rock with as much ferocity as any one man can muster. 

Any regular patron to the world of comic books are well familiar with trade paperbacks. For those who aren’t, consider it a compilation. At the risk of being chastised by fans abound, I’ll admit: for individuals such as myself, rather than read each volume of 100 Bullets, Y the Last Man, or Preacher we’d rather wait for the compiled version or trade paperback to be released before we partake in the story. 

In bold observance of the aforementioned structure, Woods has taken ten tracks from five EPs to create a full release album. Teaming up with Robbie Schroeder on bass and Danny Walkowiak on drums, Direct Hit!’s Domesplitter holds true to it’s name. Blowing those little rubber pads off your headphones with their trademark “Get pumped” battle cry, the trio erupts into all that is punk rock with “Snickers Or Reese’s (Pick Up The Pieces).” Even if you catch the organ, yes organ, intro in “Kingdom Come,” the rampage of pure unadulterated punk that blares track after track is enough to remind Billie Joe Armstrong that he used to make good music. The album isn’t an anthem for those who think they’re hardcore.  Instead, it’s a testament for what punk should be. Each song brings a distinct character with it. From the Home Alone clip that opens “Failed Invasion,” to the fade out over a simple digital synth meoldy, the apparent statement of longevity proclaims: “Pretty sure this club is failing, haven’t made the headlines yet. Tell me do you know if this invasion’s set.” 

Where punk has historically been known to convey a hectic spontaneous feeling, Woods’ brainchild Direct Hit! reels in the chaos with control and structure; a complete part of your punk rock breakfast, complete with all the loud, heavy driven punkocity you’d expect. Like mind control, you almost instinctively crank the volume, and crank the volume, until the person sitting next to you throws their pen at your head. The adrenaline injecting guitar riffs, bass licks, and beats get your pulse pounding from the moment you hit play.  So much so, it will make the rest of the world dull and slow. 

Domesplitter is proof that inside each of us is a little punk. Whether you like comic books, play sports for a living, or do community improv there is some punk in there. Don’t be so quick to judge. 

Now go and get pumped!