When we think of classically focused string musicians it is easy to conjure a vision of antiquated melodies played out over sterile individuals dressed to impress. However, in the context of Boise, Idaho’s Lindsey Hunt, the classically trained paints a much more organic, vivid assembly.

On the cusp of her debut solo album, Hunt, who is well versed in making music over the years with incredibly talented local bodies, takes a turn into the cerebral. Pairing with her dream-like vocals, her violin constructs a sound that needs to see the light of day; to once more enter the realm of the living amongst individual’s imaginations and visions.

Via Indie GoGo, Lindsey Hunt is looking to bring this piece to life and we can’t wait to hear the end result. She is well on her way, but like many independent artists, needs some help to reach the fruition. With the full Nanobot support and excited anticipation, please consider helping Lindsey Hunt’s debut solo record. Click here for more information.