“Everyone wants this to happen in their town, but nobody wants to make it happen” – Anna Tivel

A middle-aged man dancing in the rain, sipping rosé, cheering on a group of Japanese girls in bright pink matching outfits barely begins to describe the experiences of Treefort Music Fest 2019.

The annual music festival in downtown Boise, Idaho was met with rain, shine, and ample amounts of cheers and good vibes. Donning “Treefort Is For Everyone” shirts, the crowds were plenty and the smiles greater.

Make no mistake about it, by the eighth annual Treefort Music Fest, there is so much to see, hear, taste, and experience it is impossible for any one person to fully grasp, however, it takes no time at all to immerse oneself in this culturally defining event. All you can do is give in to the Treefort and soak up the sensory pleasing (but never overwhelming) discoveries that await on the streets and in the buildings of downtown Boise.

Unlike years past, and perhaps thanks in part to mother nature, the lines were swift and generally minimal. The staff of Treefort Music Fest, which is largely credit to the volunteers, were just as excited, if not more, than the festival goers. Treefort Music Fest is an all-inclusive, all-welcoming event that will not judge. This has been the sentiment in the past, but in 2019, it was everywhere. Even in the brief moments of disagreement or issue, everything met a quick, amicable resolution. To such a degree, we’d be hard pressed to corroborate anyone having a bad experience. The Boise Police Department was visible, but jovial and never intimidating. The safety and security of Treefort made cursing several thousands of steps each day as enjoyable as we could hope. Somehow, through some Treefort magic, the entire Treefort 2019 felt incredibly laidback, which speaks volumes when you consider the size of this event.

While many sought simply a Main Stage pass, or single-day passes, the glory of Treefort is once again found in the off-chance/random findings in the Boise venues that add character and atmosphere beyond the tents. Billed as simply “indie-rock” is a misnomer. There is electronic music, hip-hop, classical arrangements, and much, much more. The options of bands to hear, speakers who inspire, food and drink to excite, and art to discuss is seemingly endless for these, in retrospect, short five days. From the upbeat and thrilling to the downtempo and contemplative to the subtle, or to the wild, the sheer expanse of sound and creativity we experienced at Treefort 2019 was nothing short of memorable; and even that is a massive understatement.

Treefort genuinely is for everyone. There is something for everyone. The moment that sums up Treefort Music Fest 2019 was found between venues as crowds shuffled with eager anticipation from one artist to the next. A father and daughter (who couldn’t have been more than fourteen) were walking down the sidewalk. The daughter was gripping a newly purchased vinyl in her arms, guarding it with all she had until she could get home and give it a spin. Her father smiling while listening to her describe what it is about that artist, about that record, that changed things for her. Where young meets old, where discovery meets passion you’ll find the roads that lead to Treefort Music Fest.