This week: Float like a butterfly, apologize like a bee. Greg and Clay talk about their go-to albums during times of stress, electro death chicken music, digging holes, and more.

This week’s tracks:

Thurlowood – “Survivalist” (Discontinue Normal Program out now)

Annie Hamilton – “Fade” (new EP out May 1st)

Outsider – “Brotherhood” (Karma of Youth out now)

Vaudeville Smash – “Cucinated” out now

Ana Lete – “Footsteps” (Eternal Hibernation out now)

MixTape Playlist on Spotify – Hear all the songs!

2018 Hawaii False Missile Alert

In The Event Of Attack, Here’s How The Government Plans ‘To Save Itself’

Selma and Gustaf – “Dead In the Water”

Return of Saturn

Italian Immigration History in Adelaide