Noel Gallagher is no stranger to having songs he’s part of covered. One of the most meaningful reasons is his ability to frame powerful lyrics against an evocative simplicity. Sweden’s Selma & Gustaf with the Unmarried Queen take the beautiful simplicity of “Dead in The Water” from Noel Gallagher and nurture the track to a moving, isolated ballad that is simply striking.

Airy vocals balance like silk on the waves as the emotion and body of “Dead in The Water” builds on an arch of acoustic strumming before calling to its astral presence and with body and presence that moves you. The beauty of Selma & Gustaf, so easily found in Stories Of, comes to fruition in the most incredible way with “Dead in The Water.” The marriage of this song to these two vocals feels as though the song has found its soulmate.

Noel Gallagher’s “Dead in The Water” as envisioned by Selma & Gustaf with the Unmarried Queen: