This week, we chat about meeting famous people, Nebraska’s rising stars, flying penguins and more. We dive deep into the following tracks:

Lithic – Nightmares

This track has an unshakable dance-y beat, but grew into more for us as the track went on. What starts as a funk track with smile inducing fun, dives into some serious issues which create catharsis. The song builds on emotions, that get incredibly raw, and then have a fantastic release at the end; it was quite a ride.

Chladny – Can You See It On My Face?

The raw purity of this track’s conceit of the anxiety we carry around with us every day was on full display both musically and in the video. The song’s structure is built on a laid-back 70’s rock vibe with clean guitar and lazy keys and is a great way to help close out our summer mix tapes.

The Dragon Berries – I Don’t Mind

Reminiscent of late 90s genre-bending, but with a sound of their own, we found a lot to love with this track. If you listen to this song, you pick up a lot of intricacies that make this song modern with just a nod to decades past (which is why we made the comparison to a certain Nebraska band). And that solo…

Big Black Delta – Lord Only Knows

The onset of this track is 80’s Metal, the execution is an unexpected ray of light, an ambience that is audibly palatable but comes from a very dark place. This track is genre spanning that is as deep as you are willing to put your attention to. This is a treat to re-listen to as you discover something new every time.

Artio – All Things End

Closing out our mix tape with this title may have seemed a little on the nose, but this was a sonically rich song that captured our attention. It is a perfect example of a lot of pieces that may have not stood on their own coming together that collectively click. It can be hard to wrap your brain around everything in this track, but this trio has taken what is generationally theirs and fits in with electro-pop veterans.