It’s a new season! Greg and Clay talk about Polyvinyl’s Exquisite Corpse project, the 20/20/20 project covering Galaxie 500 songs, how much Kenny G loves us, and who has the best birthday month. We also discuss 4 new tracks!

Carver Commodore – Cancel Culture

Our 2019 Top Discovery is back for more, this time with a big statement about “Cancel Culture.” The robotic delivery sinks its hooks into you and is incredibly upbeat. It is fuzzier, grittier, and quirkier than a lot of their prior work but that allows it to stand out on its own. There are a lot of harsh transitions that punch you around, but it all works, and we are keeping an eye on where Carver Commodore goes next.

Julia Bhatt – Bird Girl

This song is sonic happiness. Filled with raggae chops and stripped down modern pop, Bird Girl is a great track illustrating isolationism and the desire to spread one’s wings (pun intended). Bhatt’s ability to reach a place about transitioning into adulthood and talk to all of us that want to travel in a time of quarantine is well-timed. We love the simplicity of the structure of this track and Bhatt’s instincts in building a pop song.

Deep Sea Diver – Impossible Weight (feat. Sharon Van Etten)

This track captivated us; it feels like falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. There is beauty among the distortion, with pops of brilliant light in the waning light of day and sharp vocal jumps. Sharon van Etten adds her vocals that layer in perfectly. The song has a slow burn, with heavy personal imagery and bold decisions. We are really looking forward to Deep Sea Diver’s new album by the same name.

Lo Tom – Outta Here

Lo Tom proved to be the best “supergroup” you didn’t know you needed with their first release and LP2 only stepped up their game. From LP2 we dove into “Outta Here” to see what the minds behind Starflyer 59, Pedro The Lion, and TW Walsh had in store. Plainly put, you’ll find no disappointment here.