This week, we discuss Limelight, plants vs. plants at concerts (English is fun), fishing in Newfoundland, skiing in Austria, and Cheez Whiz in your coffee. Tracks covered:

Sheldon Hunt – Here to Stay [7:55 – 15:25]

Smokescreens – I Love Only You [15:25 – 23:15]

The Selenites – I’m Alive [23:15 – 30:35]

Lunchbox – Gary of the Academy [30:35 – 39:12]

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Sheldon Hunt – Here to Stay

Sheldon Hunt brings us familiarity of a laid black blues track without making it feel like this has already been done before. Between the 6/8 guitars to the cross of croon and throaty soul, Hunt makes this truly organic. Instead of dwelling on the loss, it is reflective of being alone in a big city which helps keep the emotion of the song reeled in before getting too big for itself.

Smokescreens – I Love Only You

Reminiscent of The Velvet Underground and New York’s CBGB scene, this song is full of bright layers that stack so well on top of each other. Jangly guitars, toy pianos, drum loops to live drums ramp up to sonic greatness that make you pause your thoughts and pay attention to it. We appreciate the unyielding pace and vintage rock sensibilities throughout the entire track.

The Selenites – I’m Alive

We had a lot of fun with this track; the Rockabilly base with a touch of Mod out of this Austrian trio intrigued us from the jump. Greg may have slipped with the word “rockability” but this song has a drive and a purpose to it that bleeds of a vintage rock sound. Discovering a rockabilly band from Austria and hearing the joy that comes from the Selenites sound is why we love what we do. What a great discovery.

Lunchbox – Gary of the Academy

Definitively our favorite track that is an ode to a cat at a German academy. California pop sound couched with garage rock (with horns!), this song by Lunchbox is so hooky and has found permanent residence in our brains. The sound is anchored in the mid-90s alt-pop/rock scene which surfs on an ocean of crash cymbals and simple guitar riffs with a fade out which hit us with some major nostalgia. We are lookin forward to the release of After School Special.