The world is being taken over by Rodriguez–Lopez’s; and I’m fully on board.

It must be something within the family name that automatically makes you capable of having an immense impact on music. Brothers Marfred and Marcel are back with a follow up to their 2009 release Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare.

Launching into the stratosphere with their sophomore release Getting Paid, the quintet fromEl Paso is back with a vengeance. Marcos Smith and Matthew Wilkson shred through their fret boards like nobody’s business with meticulous madness. These guys add a worldly touch to an electrified jam session and the result is unimaginable. This is an album where you simply have to see for yourself.

Produced by Marcel, the band pieced it all together over time until they found what worked and ultimately sat down and recorded it all together live. Getting Paid skews the ever-changing landscape of music with its pioneering style. A style deeply rooted in soulful jazz and modern progressive sound. The first and title track dishes up a hip-hop electronic style that had me wondering if I was listening to an RJD2 album. The variation of styles throughout is simply cinematographic. Each track is a dance that is just out of reach of being visualized, but easily felt and heard. Zechs Marquise keeps every track unique and almost entirely instrumental. It lacks any substantial vocal presence until seven tracks in on “Everlasting Beacon of Light” where the vocals are utilized as an instrument more than they deliver words. The finite details of this album utilize even the empty spaces masterfully.

As a writer you’re supposed to use words like “extraordinary” and “noteworthy” to describe albums like this. But let’s face it, this album is awesome! In all of its brilliance and form, Getting Paid is a must have. It will captivate and rock you to your core. It also just might get you on board for the Rodriguez–Lopez revolution when it’s released September 27th through none other than Rodriguez Lopez Productions.