There once was a radio station that changed everything. It took what was the standard and revolutionized it. Launching music fans of all types into a realm that had only been dreamed of. It brought people from all around to turn off their televisions and instead, as was with times of old, gather round the old warming glow of the radio and listen in to the wee small hours of the night.

And then the man forced them out. You know who you are.

This is exactly the type of album they would not have hesitated to play every track from.

If you haven’t heard of TV On The Radio, you’re surely missing out. They will rock your ears off. I believe deep down inside “Groove Me”, the first track from this self titled vinyl (everyone calls it a CD! Don’t you judge me!) is for fans as an ode to TVOTR.

Maximum Balloon is a solo album from the very talented David Sitek. He has worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foals, and most notably as guitarist and keyboardist for TV On The Radio.

Maximum Balloon is the epitome of an All-Star line up into one single album or as musicians call it “FUN!”. Featuring Tunde Adebimpe (That guy that Rachel got married to in Rachel Getting Married), Little Dragon, Karen O, and the lyrical demigod David Byrne.

It may seem I’m just spilling straight facts about this album and I am. On purpose. Side projects such as this are a lot like greatest hits albums. They are a fun addition to your music library, but we all know they’re simply a piece of something much greater, therefore, I’m going to refrain from diving too much into anything overly analytical and just enjoy the living crap out of this until the next TV On The Radio album comes out.

Sorry for disappointing. It’s a good thing we don’t listen to tapes anymore, because this one would get worn out.  So I think I’ll buy it on vinyl!

I’ll leave you with a line that has been in my head for the last two months. From the track “Absence of Light”: “I’ll be your messenger, your minister, your morbid curiosity”