One of the brutal honesties in music is that bands don’t last forever. Some great bands have erupted into solo projects, side projects, and even oblivion. Occasionally fans are delivered something great.

From “folk fallout” to “fulfilling sophomore release,” Little Gold has shifted into gear. Former Woods member Christian DeRoeck taken the helm of his new band and the result is a multi dimensional one-eighty from his prior works. Combining his vision with the talents of Pat Broderick and Brian Markham, Little Gold has set the pace for their future with Weird Freedom.

As an almost proclamation to their potential, this ten track release certainly has an odd sense of independence. Laying claim to contribution to the Brooklyn music scene, you’ll be in for a surprise if you come looking for more Woods. Their sound carries the waves of Southern Californiawith hints at surfer rock and borderline punk. The swaying lead track “Half the Time” enables a sense of summertime with catchy snare and light melodic vocals. DeRoeck’s voice takes tracks such as “Mike Swan” and “Chainsaw” and produces a perfect sense of well being; never mind the dark foreboding lyrics he is actually spinning. Creating a sound of their own, Little Gold utilizes distant distorted guitar solos to comprise an intellectual album packed with good feelings and memorable tunes. It is only a matter of time before you’re singing “Mike Swan!”

Taking into consideration all that has been achieved thus far, Weird Freedom is a pit stop on a trip across the talents of Little Gold. Like marking a spot on a map, you can’t wait to jump in the car and get there. There is little to no relation between what was Woods and what is Little Gold except for a part of life that taught DeRoeck, Broderick, and Markham something. Even though it is grown out of less-than-ideal circumstances, the experiences found within are the kind that will cultivate appreciation for this new direction. I certainly appreciate it.

Little Gold – Sisters & Friends by goldestegg