Have you ever thought to yourself What would you get if you mixed someone with Masters in Music Technology with an animator, throw in a sound engineer and a mad scientists?

If you’d had, then you’d already be familiar with this Irish quartet.

If you hadn’t – then allow me.

After having a try as a typical rock band and disbanding, Nanobot regrouped in 2009 to take another stab. This time around, these gents incorporated synth driven chemistry into their sound. Taking this important step back and reassessing the situation opened a whole new world for them and is brought to us in the form of an EP.

The life-force that makes Sparticles so entertaining is the quirky electronic layers that drive each track into your realm of serious audible entertainment. “Trippo” opens with an ominous distant vibrato sound before slipping into a retro electronic melody direct out of a John Hughes film. Lyrically, Dessie Keegan delivers smooth, purposeful vocals that’ll have you singing “All we ever seem to do/ is move in circles” in no time at all. In keeping with a throwback style, “Blink” carries a Nintendo game digitalization accompanied by a funky bass groove throughout. Fittingly in the middle of the EP, it takes a turn toward the down tempo. “Vanilla” brings a more serious vibe about it. Keeping away from the upbeat and lighter vibes, Stephen Caffrey and David Keegan turn it a different direction and drive home an incredibly addictive, true-to-electronic melody intelligibly intertwined with Ross Dillon’s stylish drum breakdown. Rather than opening, or carrying it in the first few tracks, these guys put the title track at the very end of the EP; rightfully so. “Sparticles” is an all encompassing track that lays it all on the line as one final endeavor to convince us of just what these guys can do. The hypnotic body moving track caps everything off nicely reiterating their feel good vibes with relevant melodies.

Sparticles is five tracks written about sleep, which is counter productive as this is anything but soporific. This EP alludes to Nanobot’s forthcoming full length album. An album in which is sure to reestablish their ground after their early change up. Until that comes, pick up the EP for free from Bandcamp.