Life hands out its fair share of challenges to which we, in all of our creativity, find solutions. For example, when you want to see exotic animals you go to the zoo. When you want to see nature you go hiking. When you want to get your face digitally rocked off, put on 65daysofstatic.

Known chiefly for their electric live performances, the English quartet boldly reevaluated their approach to what they’ve produced to date.  Taking what has brought them to this point, they diligently advanced toward the latest album with a transformed sense of adventure and change.

The muddled mess that can be digital rock is plagued by homemade half-hearted releases and over production at a monumental level. 65daysofstatic has put their head down and charged forward with the utmost sense of self. Joe Shrewsbury, Paul Wolinski, Rob Jones and Simon Wright succeed with delivering a close your eyes, tilt your head back, and let your body soak up the music sensation.  We Were Exploding Anyway delivers a healthy dose of electronic rock infused with an ever present passion for the art. The incorporation of catchy, funky riffs on bass and guitar, heavy beats, and stuttered digitalized progression sucks you in from the first beat in “Mountainhead” and keeps you lingering for more all the way to the end; and once you reach the end, fulfillment is not hard to find. Most bands would need to wait for their tracks to be remixed for them after the fact; these guys hand it over in brilliant composition on the first run. Tracks like “Crash Tactics” and “Weak” embed their pulse pounding synergy into the very root of your being. To compensate and not melt your brain with an overabundance of all-go-no-stop tracks, they intelligibly toss in tracks like the more mellow “Come to Me” and “Dance Dance Dance,” which builds up to the breaking beats with an orchestrated intro and a lingering depth. This quartet distributes a wealth of distorted drums inlaid with addictive piano, guitar, bass, and just about anything else. Striking a chord so prominently on a record such as they’ve done with We Were Exploding Anyway, we’re left with little to the imagination as to why their live shows are so renowned.

Taking into consideration the plethora of music flooding in on you from all angles, it’s great to have a safety raft like 65daysofstatic. Holding on to sounds like this is a sure fire way to deliver the answer for those days when you’re looking for a great electronic rock album.

65daysofstatic ‘Crash Tactics’ by Monotreme Records