When there is an artist who finds their solace in slowly paced, drifting melodies they gamble with the possible release of nothing more than an album of depression inducing monotony.

For the few who can master this tempo, without feeling like they weren’t hugged enough as a child, the results stand to have an immense impact. The music can speak for itself without much set up or explanation; simply put, you can feel the meaning. It can be intimate and feel as though it was made just for you at just that moment.

The moment is now and the essence of intimate music comes in the form of completely non-abrasive trio of intellectually masterful, sincere musicians. They play under the name AA Bondy and their third release, Believers, opens the doors to create your own soundtrack. Painted on instruments weaving dreamlike sounds, accompanied by subtle vocals where words stretch out to you like a gentle road map on a journey through the nine tracks, it is easy to find yourself pressing play, closing your eyes, and calmly drifting back down to reality forty minutes later.

From beginning to end, the melodies created by Believers carry with them a mood reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. The subdued effects which back “The Heart is Willing” and “123 Dupuy Street” donate themselves to a weight of whispered elegance that is the album. A.A. Bondy’s vocals transcend the instrumentation meticulously compiled by Macey Taylor and Ben Lester. On each track there is the face of lonely indie rock backed by a body of talent and musical precision that will move you to your core. “Surfer King” conveys the feel I waited for with the album; every ounce of their style beaming out in a firm, tight sound while still holding near to the intimate vibe.

It is a very fine line masterfully walked by AA Bondy, one that can easily be tossed into the mix of depressing music. But if you dig deeper and experience the music while picking apart the simplistic nuances that lie within you’ll find there is so much more here. Believers is profoundly more than it appears on the surface at the same time it maintains superb originality.

AA Bondy – The Heart Is Willing by fatpossum