The best part about music is the constant evolution taking place. Whether minor or major there is always something that makes us say This sounds familiar, yet new all at once! Or I didn’t even know this was possible! Sometimes both at once.

Alabama’s own first couple of male/female folk rock will release their self-titled debut this month. You may not know them under such a title, but after this album, you will.

Kate Taylor and Taylor Hollingsworth have combined efforts under the name Dead Fingers. For a long timeTaylorcontributed to Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and Kate supported the talents of Maria Taylor. As if the forces of the universe were waiting for just the right moment, they were brought together and compiled this album.

“Closet full of Bones” opens the record with an acoustically driven intimate roadtrip feel. All eleven tracks fit together to create the feeling of driving through the south during the summer with the window rolled down, reflecting on life. The opening track builds upon the acoustic riff, introducing us to the vocal pairing as Kate takes the lead and Taylorsings ever so slightly behind. The duet is a mainstay with these two allowing them to master the lyrically reflective songs they passionately deliver. Dead Fingers is an immensely thoughtful, beautifully written album which delivers lines like “Daddy look/look/my daddy stood and cried/he said ‘bud it feels so good to see you smile’” in “4 Stone Coaches.” “Please Don’t Let Me Go” delivers a decade of love sensation as Kate seduces the song with simplicity and grace. To reflect on their abilities the album turns to the whimsical “Hold On To” and transitions into the raw southern rock styling of John Prine and even Skynyrd before them with “Against The River.”

Spanning a range of southern style with piano, harmonica and horns, to name a few, Dead Fingers has proven the evolution of a sound and made it their own. Albums like this bring out the best in music. Their debut record delivers in your face orchestrated tracks just before it slows down, gives you a hug and invites you in for some sweet tea. It is eleven tracks of superb beauty, even while Taylor Hollingsworth’s vocals snap your attention to uniqueness.

And just to set the record straight, yes, they’re married.