Ever so often a band seems to come out of the woodwork and, simply by doing what they are passionate about, they snag the attention of fans within multiple musical genres. One such band out of LA is poised to do just that.

American Bloomers is composed of three very talented members who share the singing and songwriting duties. From where we sit, that could be a good or bad thing. On one side we could get a few different sounds within one album, on the other side, if done correctly, we could hear an infusion of talent and craft consistent enough to truly bring awe.

Well, on their first release, they’ve achieved the latter.

Jaime Wyatt and siblings Jane and Jonathan Sheldon have undertaken the first step in a journey to bring their music to the world. Under the moniker American Bloomers they have released six tracks of heart-on-their-sleeve feelings encompassing both sides of love. Opening their debut EP Part One with “Blue Dress,” the trio delivers a track that is so crisp and well put together that a follow up would seem daunting. The immediate impact of Jaime’s beautifully delivered voice finds refuge in well balanced music and cannot be ignored. Their sound is reminiscent of a less raspy lead singer to an early Fleetwood Mac. It walks that fine line of alt-country and the light side of pop from a time when it didn’t matter where your sound fell, you just played. “Never Had The Chance” and “Fell For Love” could easily reel in fans of the female southern rock sound while at the same time dish out their fair share of style spanning qualities. Light on the guitar and easy on the emotion, American Bloomers holds a consistency in Part One that typically comes from a third or fourth album. To change the pace ever so slightly, but no less enjoyable, Jonathan takes the lead vocal reins and brings a side to the album which was there but not quite reached up until now.  With a slight twang to his delivery accompanied by the distorted guitar vibrato you find yourself agreeing with just how “Love Will Wreck You.” As if to not trap themselves in one sound, or perhaps to stretch their musical range, they change up the pace to cap off the album with “Shamrock” and “Faded.” These two tracks drive home their determination and establish a perfect first EP.

As if out of nowhere American Bloomers has fallen onto the landscape. Part One cannot, nor should it be, missed. They have found a beautiful balance of memorable lyrics, vocal delivery and musical talent that can only bring about a great future.  I can’t wait for another release later this year.