When two best friends set out with something in mind, it is really hard to stop them. From the pair that would attempt to jump off their roof onto a pile of mattresses to the pair that revolutionizes the world by creating the computer, there is a certain undeniable force behind a pair of friends that cannot be matched.

One such pair of friends is leaning towards the latter use of intelligence and together they have crafted a beautifully intimate six tracks. From Gainesville, FL, Josh Morris and Nick Roberts donned the name And the Giraffe to create Something for Someone.

The six track album is designed within minimalism, stretching deep into the empty, but intelligently keeps your attention without being boring. Easing into the album “Underground Love” is an ambient folk track meant for the apex of a love story fit for the silver screen; its fades and hesitant peaks speak to the emotion the Something for Someone will become over the next five tracks. Citing influence of Bon Iver, Iron and Wine and even Modest Mouse, the duo begins to mold around a common identity with “1055.” The rolling simplistic jazz-folk track delivers an echoing “We’re gonna be big stars someday/and I’m looking for the answers/with my head turned up to the sky/none of the stars just seem to hold/any of the answers/anymore.” With sparse, but reflective lyrics the album develops substance around mild mannered instrumentals. Ending on “Still,” Morris and Roberts bring finality to the album, leaving a sense of hope and future. As if creating an audible experience comparable to sitting alone in your car watching the rain fall on the windshield And the Giraffe sings to your inner solitude.

Something for Someone is consistent yet feels safe. The calm never peaks above the confines of simplistic. If And the Giraffe pushed themselves on the follow up there stands a chance we’d experience something exceptional. All of the pieces are present for a great sound. They have spoken to their music themselves stating “[We] hope to continue doing so for as long as time allows.” With that mentality, a sound like this and a foundation of an existing friendship, we’re at the beginning of something great.