Sometimes bands just click. Like that moment you know you and someone you’ve just met are going to be good friends.  It is a rather rare occasion to have such an immediate draw

Only a mere two years in and crafting a foundation for their sound, Tim Bruns and Mike Morter took their southern style bluegrass and infused it with the upbeat, rock talents of Tyler Rima, Joe Richmond and the sexy voiced Bethany Kelly. The quintet from Denver took on the name Churchill and has released The Change EP.

People in the Mile High City have most likely heard the title track gracing the radio on a daily basis. For those outside of Colorado, be forewarned, the track is coming and you can’t help but be addicted to their sound. The heavy hitting bass/snare driving force behind this duet led country/alt-rock track is a force to be reckoned with. However, and let’s underscore that word immensely here, “Change” is not an accurate embodiment of what the rest of their sound conveys. Although, just as important to note, it is in no way a disappointing deception as most bands tend to play with. It holds its own while complimenting the surrounding songs.  Hidden under the catchy-as-hell melodies and lyrics of “Change”, lies the truth of Churchill. The ever-present mandolin and clean execution stay consistent. Past the second song is a hardworking, honest sound that I just can’t shake.  “I Am Yours” drifts in on a simple plucking and piano melody that eases your consciousness out of what had previously got your blood pumping. “Made a List” brings in one of the most solid pop sounds I’ve heard in a while.  Whether it be what has already been flying through the airwaves or the other five tracks, The Change confidently delivers.

These guys (and gal) are an audible whiplash to the start of 2012. Almost effortlessly demanding the stage, the tight rhythms and echoing authenticity open the door to enormous possibilities. From the entrancing male/female vocals of Bruns and Kelly to Morter’s infectious mandolin (who would have thought I’d find a mandolin so addicting) to solid construction framed by Rima and Richmond, Churchill is a must hear.  Like that strange occurrence that only happens ever so often, you know from the beginning The Change and you will be good friends.