If the modern music scene were a city, downtown, near a large bridge there’d be a bar void of any glitz or glam. Only a neon light in the dark window would read “Experimentation Welcome.” The inner walls would be lined with bands that have graced the venue throughout its existence. There would be pictures of the Eels, Radiohead, Lonely Dear, Flaming Lips, etc. covering the walls.

Currently settling into their places on stage is the ever thought provoking Cuddle Magic.

With the release of their third full length album Info Nympho, the chamber-pop band from Brooklyn and Philadelphia establish a palatable experimentation worthy to fall into suit with the aforementioned greats.

Info Nympho begins with an intellectually driven, not to mention powerfully fascinating, “Disgrace Note.” The dark but insightful recollection of the late Vic Chesnutt is oddly entertaining in its approach to suicide. As their third record progresses, we’re taken deeper into the realm of Cuddle Magic. It is a vast existence of complexly woven instrumentation and vocal diversity. Track after track (all well over four minutes long) we’re treated to a cleanly produced diverse musical style that never gets old.  Superficially it holds to an entertaining modern jazz-like jam session while deeper down it conveys an immensely provocative style. A band like this does not come along often. Whether this is a good thing or not shall be left open. I can’t help but find myself putting this album down after a go only to come right back to it again and again.

From “Disgrace Note” to “Again” Info Nympho fascinates, inspires and clings to your intellectual subconscious.  The horns, glockenspiel, guitar, drums, vocals and vast array of other contributing factors Cuddle Magic has combined into this album make their dedication to thoughtful music apparent. Cuddle Magic’s Info Nympho comes around with a feeling of completeness and hand delivers musical satisfaction making it one of my favorite albums thus far in 2012.