What do you get when you mix a heavy dose of hard rock, a little retro-rock influence, and five Italians with a whole hell of a lot of talent? Well that answer just happened to fall into our lap.

With a low rolling drum and fading reverb, V-Device’s Calling Europe bursts open. The first album from the Italian quintet clings tightly to a very unique style. Davide Verde, Guy Costanzo, Fabius Shiva, Rosario Fanatic Vitiello, and Francesco Wood deliver a heavy dose of epic grinding rock with a balance of dynamic vocals and well thought out production. As if they took the evolved form of rock, threw in a splash of 80s style vocal range and a bit of Italy, V-Device explodes with their debut.

Singing in English, with the ever present accent, each track easily speaks to the inner rocker in us all. Though fans looking for an Italian heavy metal band will most likely be disappointed, because these guys have an immense amount of depth, there is enough personality and attitude stirred into their talent that they should not be missed. “Citizen Kane” proves just what these guys are capable of. Only two tracks into the album, the hard edged ballad is addicting, powerful and memorable from start to finish. Tracks like “Hush” and “El Eternal Caravan” will have you rocking out long after they’re over. Ranging from the head rocking “Messy Face” to the mellow drifting “Shadows of Light,” there is enough here to suffice for any fan of rock. Of the eleven tracks laid down with the help of Vipchoyo Studio and Love&Craft, none are boring or repetitive. V-Device feels very late 90s as a whole but this couldn’t have come out fifteen years ago, it needed the progression these five Italians have brought to the table through their maturity, talent and all around kick-ass rock style.

Calling Europe hand delivers a well thought out rock sound that can only grow with the coming years. Eleven tracks and almost forty minutes later, the album will have you setting down your headphones or hitting stop and saying Damn! That was good!. On their first album, V-Device has profoundly achieved a complete rock experience. From the title track to “Trying to do it right,” they leave no stone unturned and with veteran like precision leave your inner rock hunger satisfied.