I think we can all agree, bands that make your head turn, by catching you off guard, are what musical progression is all about.  When you push play and get more than you were anticipating, you’ve found something great.

With simple songwriting beginnings in 2010, the Chicago duo Redgrave slowly became a solid entity in early 2011, but is just now releasing their debut album.

With National Act the complex beauty that is Angie Mead and Stephen Howard’s musical gift comes to an apex of genuinely beautiful lamentation.  The record opens with “Dick Moves,” a pure dirty 90s rock sound that instantly grabs your attention. Shortly thereafter Mead’s voice comes flying in on a wave of peaking grace and attitude. Though it probably shouldn’t, the combination of these heavy drums and epic vocals come as a huge surprise.  After all, if you passed these two on the street, you wouldn’t have a clue of what they are capable of.  Harnessing the power and precision of great voices before her, I can’t help but associate the vocals to a less raspy Emily Armstrong and I am not complaining one bit.  “Custom A” and “Lik-M-Aid” drive home just how musically talented Howard can be and add a perfect balance to the duo.  Heavy licks and power kick drum offer a style that certainly makes Redgrave a sound all their own through the first comparisons you may feel. The five tracks are over before you know it and leave you longing for more of their possessed rock sound.

Like they’ve been taken over by some otherworldly entity Redgrave reaches above what would be considered decent. Tight distorted riffs melt seamlessly with rolling beats and sultry vocals. The blues-rock infusion this Windy City duo brings drills through you, reaching your inner audiophile, and bursts from inside like a monumental release of pent up musical power.  Don’t try to fight it; you’ll be drawn directly to the passion and force brilliantly laid out in National Act.