Break out the headphones, because unless you’ve got some high quality speakers you’re not going to get the full power of Insomniatic Myth. Right about now you’re probably like me, excited that Coeus the Boxing Titan is back. Like meditated audible chaos meant to drill you back into a complex train of thought, Aro has returned and this time he means business.

The follow up to the 2011’s The Boxing Titan Spawns, Insomniatic Myth keeps Coes rolling forward with impressive strength. Where the prior record drifts and floats on chaos, Myth comes into its own with even funkier grooves and addicting dark tales. Those familiar with the obnoxious tendencies of Devin Townsend should be clinging to the opportunity Coeus has hatched. Though somewhat similar in art, where Townsend comes across crass and often random, Coeus prevails with precision and well thought out tracks.

Though I appreciated the originality of the 2011 release, the latest installment of the titan’s ventures is exactly what we could have hoped. Spinning in on “A Giant Leap,” the album launches with an organ melody before kicking into a distorted digitalized funky groove that is true to the style we were looking for. Cleaner around the edges, the album holds true to its essence offering up the heavy fisted tracks like “It Begins In Confusion” and the pulse pounding songs like “Serendipity.” Listening to the latter with headphones on will in fact resonate throughout your body to the point of actually feeling the music. Anything less would simply not be Coeus. Eleven songs in we find the title track which lulls you with a simple strum and vocal combo before the high-hat kicks in and rolls along with the intriguing seemingly random nuances and effects. Each of the thirteen tracks holds its own to keep this sophomore album alive and addicting.

Like a good movie with a twist, one round with Coeus is not enough to fully understand the story. Each listen will have you discovering things you missed as they seep through the deeply layered record. The psychedelic-industrial web spun steers clear of abrasive and overbearing. Like a seasoned veteran Aro found the balance and kept us rocking.