Electronic music has become the prominent underground sound. It is a wave ridden by anyone who can keep a beat, has a decent computer system and/or enough time on their hands. Over the last few years the gap between the underground and mainstream has been bridged by various genres through digitalized beats and wavering electronic fades. This does not make them electronic musicians nor does this necessarily make them good. Stop believing it does.

There is a fine line for the melodic songwriter to walk within the electronic music world. For the New York based My Great Ghost that line is danced on with expert precision; though this belief was not quick to settle upon.

Their self-titled EP will be released on July 10th. Singer Drew Smith and producer Trevor Gureckis combined efforts to craft the five track release. Stepping into the daylight, “Photograph” had me believing we were listening to an upgraded version of someone’s home recordings. Sure it is clean and well balanced, but it feels so familiar I truly thought we had a pair of impersonators on our hands. That was promptly thrown out the window with just the second track. “Plain Sight” is a brilliantly laid out track mixed with ambiance and simplicity. Smith and Gureckis fill the emptiness with the perfect dose of intrigue and beats building into a borderline epic track. The song will leave you hanging onto each note.  Following this is a tall order. Thankfully the Fun-who? inducing “Helicopter” brings us around nicely to land on level ground.  Capping off the triple dose of fantastic electronic/dance “Means to an End” drives home the fact that this is most definitely still an electronic album.

Although it feels like the first and last tracks are merely bookends to something great, it is in fact simply because everything found in the middle is so much greater. Slight retro throwback synth, echoing beats and catchy vocals make up My Great Ghost’s EP. It is five tracks of depth, dynamic and digital addiction.