I’ve long been an advocate for indie music. This is not limited to the folkish acoustic raspy ramblings of sad poets. Nay, it encompasses so much more. I will henceforth refer to anything, not released by the large conglomerates that be, “Indie Music”.

Latest inception thrust into the Indie world? An EP titled Palace of the Lightbulbs

Did you know there are two Portlands?

I did.

If you didn’t, then that was Part One of the lesson. Part Two: get a map. Part Three: get this album.

What I didn’t know is what the music scene in Portland consists of. I certainly didn’t think we’d be given this.

Opening with a digital nail-to-chalkboard exclamation point on “How the Cup is Being Filled (Now)” Palace of the Lightbulbs wastes no time in demanding attention, justly so. Progressing into an almost Jamie Liddell like track, I was pleasantly surprised to have the accompaniment of  a dark harmonious vocal spilling out lines such as “The Firefighter strikes the match”. As a whole, we’re given a well controlled, almost subdued gospel like experimental opening track.

Perhaps I’m attracted to the dream like synthesizer driven “Spiders in the Moat” reminiscent of the breakdowns used by Pink Floyd in “Keep Talking”. Delving into obscure yet meticulous sounds often backed by vocals each track brings something new to the table.

I may be banished for making such a reference, but I strongly feel this is the evolution of the sounds laid down by the likes of Daft Punk. Rather than replicating, Computer At Sea’s Galen Richmond took that seemingly influential sound and made it his own. That may be testing my knowledge of the genre and diehard fans may come marching on my house like blood thirsty villagers. Allow me to sum it up like this: Squarepusher influenced by Daft Punk/Early Psych Pop Synth bands evolved with well written lyrics.

Just as I begin to really appreciate the independent styling of these Mainers (Mainians? Mainiacs? People from Maine!) I’m quickly reminded that this is a limited six track EP. Leaving us with a final track that will embed itself in my consciousness, I begin to feel the need to see CaS live. If you’ve had the opportunity, let me know how this all translates live.

Regardless, show your support, download their album today www.computeratsea.com/.  Be sure to leave a little something for them, it is pay-what-you-want. Don’t be cheap. Keep Indie Music alive.

Further broadening the genre of Indie Music, this album has prompted me to keep my eyes open to both Portlands and ears open for another album by Computer at Sea.